It is all too easy to be introspective or very parochial, however we are determined to maintain a much wider perspective.

During 2017 we will focus on five mission organisations,
some focused on work throughout the UK whilst others have an International focus.

These include:
The Baptist Missionary Society
Open Doors
Samaritans Purse
Torch Trust for the Blind
World Vision

We believe in holistic mission, God’s love reaching out to people with both the Gospel but also with demonstrations of His love and compassion to people with physical or emotional struggles.
One example of the practical side of this is in the autumn, Christmas presents are created from shoe boxes, each containing a lovely selection of gifts for children.
These gifts are then sent out to needy parts of the world via the Samaritan’s purse organisation. Practical support, personal interest and financial giving are all part of our involvement in Missionary work worldwide.